OSCAlums is an alumni affiliate group to assist with, and advocate for, OSCA and OSCA members’ experience at Oberlin College. Their purpose is to:

  • Encourage Alumni participation, via financial contribution and participatory engagement, to strengthen OSCA as a critical asset of Oberlin College and Conservatory.

  • Enhance the long-term sustainability of OSCA by providing support and continuity for OSCA leadership and programmatic initiatives.

  • Promote research and fellowships that strengthens and champions OSCA and enhances OSCA’s impact on communities in Oberlin and beyond.

  • Sponsor events and programs that support OSCA and advance opportunities for personal, educational and professional exchange between alumni and current OSCA members.

  • Support experiences for democratic discussion and create awareness of systems of oppression by building opportunities for creative participation and empowerment.

  • Promote understanding of, and appreciation for, OSCA’s financial model of parity and equitable control of capital.

  • Facilitate open communication with the Alumni Leadership Council, Oberlin Alumni office and Oberlin College governance bodies.

  • Support OSCA’s collaboration with local, regional, national and international networks of cooperatives, and share ideas from cooperative movements at large and in the world.