Wait List & Change Dates

Because there are never enough spaces in OSCA to place everyone who wants to become a member, each co-op has a wait list which is managed by the Membership Secretary. Similar to the OSCA lotteries, placement from our wait list are made into the highest preferred co-op which has an available spot. However, unlike the OSCA lotteries where lottery numbers are assigned randomly, lottery numbers on the wait list are typically assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You may change your co-op preferences at any time on the wait list and your current lottery number will remain unchanged.

You remain on the wait lists until a spot opens in your first-choice co-op or you choose to remove yourself from the wait list. Several times a year we also ask that you verify your desire to remain on our wait lists (it is important that you do so or you may lose your lottery number).

Priority Placement from OSCA Wait Lists

A few people receive priority placement from OSCA wait lists. People who are elected to certain OSCA staff positions for the incoming academic year routinely receive priority placement. In appreciation of all the work they do, every All-OSCA position receives priority placement from the dining wait list. Jobs that require 12+ hours of work per week (usually General Management Team) typically receive priority placement from the housing wait list (housing placement includes dining).

To learn how you too can become a part of the All-OSCA staff and receive priority placement from the wait lists, check out the Staff section.

Change Date Notifications

At these dates, students on the wait list are notified if they have been placed into a co-op. You will only receive an email on these dates, and only if you have been placed. If you don't receive an email, it means you are still on the waitlist—but make sure to check for emails throughout the semester, you may be asked to reconfirm to keep your spot!

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