End of Spring 2023 Semester Information

Important Dates

May 14: Last day of the semester

May 15: All residents, except graduates and shutdown staff, must move out of OSCA and ResEd housing by 9:00a.m.

May 22: Commencement

May 23: All graduates, except shutdown staff, must move out of OSCA and ResEd housing by 11:00a.m.

Information for Graduates

Graduates and families are invited to attend the annual OSCA Alumni Picnic, which will be held in Hark bowl on May 20th from 12:30pm-2:30pm. 

More information about Commencement can be found here on Oberlin's event page

OSCA Closedown May 14 - May 26

This year's co-op deep clean will begin after finals and finish on May 26. If working and celebrating at the end of the year (and staying here a little while longer) appeals to you and/or your co-op is counting on you to do it because its an extension of the job you're committed to, please fill out the interest form by April 14th! 

To make the magic happen we need 40ish people to stay with us to shut down this organization. Anyone staying will be asked to help with both housing and dining shutdown, but we will try to take your preferences into account! 

A dining coop (and the picnic) will be run out of Harkness from 5/14-5/25. Shifts will be filled by people who are staying. On the 25th, we will shut down Harkness kitchen and food will be personal cooking until Housing is done.

General Timeline:

5/14: All kitchens will begin cleaning & closing, except Hark which will remain open for use.

5/19: Alumni and family of seniors arrive.

5/19 evening: Picnic preparations happen.

5/20 at 12:30-2:30: Picnic!

5/20 afternoon: Crew!

5/22: Commencement

5/25: Close down Harkness kitchen

5/26: All shutdown staff leave

Summer Storage

OSCA cannot provide summer storage for members returning in the fall. There are storage rentals available in the surrounding area. 

Oberlin College ResEd is now partnering with Campus Storage to streamline your storage needs. All Oberlin students are again eligible to access the Stress-Free Summer Moving & Storage Program. 

They provide the following storage options:

Please make your reservation as soon as possible if you are planning to store your belongings over summer break.

Submit a Room Condition Report (RCR)

Before you leave campus, you must submit your RCR. They should only take a few minutes to complete but will ensure that you aren’t charged for any damages to the room after you leave. 

Parking Locations for Loading

Tank: For loading only, there is limited parking behind the building. If no spaces are available, pull over along the right hand side of the driveway, far enough that another car can pass. Please only park in the lot and driveway while loading and repark before unpacking. There are back and side doors which may be more convenient for loading. 

Harkness and TWSJ: For loading only, there is a driveway behind the building, accessible from West College Street. Please pull as much as possible over to the left. Only park while loading and repark before unpacking. There is a back door up the flight of wooden stairs. 

Keep: There is parking along the side and back of the building. If all nearby spots are full, you can pull over by the dumpsters for loading only. There is a back door on the North side of the building.