Keep Cottage - or just Keep - was opened in 1965 as Oberlin’s third co-op. It is located at 154 North Main Street, just a block from the art buildings, and across the parking lot behind Stevenson dining hall. With a larger ratio of new students to upperclassman compared to other co-ops, Keep is known to be one of the most welcoming communities on campus.

The inherent relaxed feeling in Keep is bolstered by members who truly care about the democratic process. For most decision-making, there is a consistent and thoughtful dialog which deters apathy. Overall, Keep offers a place to feel at home that is dedicated to excellent, nutritious food (complete with a wall for cooking tips and food comments), kind souls, acoustic music, circus ‘arts’, bicycles, vegan desserts, great bagels and general good cheer. In fact, one wall in Keep is dedicated as a “wall of appreciation” where members write appreciative notes to each other.

Keep houses 53 students and additionally feeds roughly 25 dining-only members. While Keep is not a vegetarian co-op, usually meat is not served more than once a week, and vegan and vegetarian options are always available at every meal. Keep is an inclusive and friendly co-op for eating, living, or just hanging out. With a comfortable living-room space, you can often find members spending time together throughout the day. With a porch (and porch swing!) and lawn, many Keep members choose to eat outside on sunny days.

Keep does not provide tables or chairs, so members sit on couches, the floor, or the ground. Certain members have raised issue with the fact that not having chairs and tables in Keep can make it difficult for individuals with certain physical constraints to participate. The layout of Keep Cottage and serving space can make serving food a difficult task, but Keep’s members implement various policies each semester to ensure that access to food is as stress-free as possible.

Keep Cottage is also home to the Oberlin Bike Co-op. Located in Keep's basement, the Bike Co-op is a place for both college and community alike to fix and build bikes at low-cost; it is a convenient location if you are an adamant biker.