Costs to Join OSCA

The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) includes three housing and dining co-ops, seven dining-only co-ops, and one housing-only co-op. There are both room and board, and board-only options.

Fall 2022 Spring 2023

Dining $2,575 $2,575
$4,163 $4,163

Members of Third World Co-ops are selected entirely by application. Applications will be reviewed by the respective co-op membership committee, and we will contact you when a decision has been reached.

Incoming students who are new to Oberlin must submit a new student application form before participating in the new student lottery and/or signing up on the OSCA wait list. For new students, please note that the following co-op options are NOT available for students new to Oberlin: dining-only in Harkness, Keep and Tank Co-ops.

If you have any questions concerning co-op membership, contact the OSCA office,