Each year, OSCA members appoint and elect a group of students to manage the overall operations of OSCA; these All-OSCA staff positions include:

  • Officers, who are elected each year (i.e. President, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, and Chair of the Board)

  • Accessibility Coordinators

  • Food Coordinators

  • Housing Operations Managers and the Housing Coordinator

  • Dining Operations Managers and Cleanliness & Maintenance Coordinators

  • Housing Loose Ends Coordinators

  • Programming & History Coordinators

  • Environmental Concerns Coordinator

  • Sexual Harm Information Liaisons

  • OSCA/OC Liaison, and

  • Student Administrative Assistants (who work in the OSCA office with the Financial Manager and Business Coordinator).

Any member of OSCA may apply to hold an All-OSCA staff position.