Brown Bag Co-op

Brown Bag Co-op (BBC), located in Pyle Inn at Asia House, is an alternative to both the Oberlin College meal plan and the typical OSCA co-op dining experience. BBC functions as an on-campus co-op grocery store for those students with access to kitchen facilities, students living off-campus, and students living in village housing. In BBC, we order farm-fresh produce from local vendors just like at other co-ops, but unlike other dining co-ops we do not dine centrally: once food is delivered members take it home to cook for themselves! 

No car? No problem! Food is delivered to Pyle, where members can easily receive their groceries. And the best part? BBC is cheaper than the Oberlin College meal plan. Labor requirements for BBC members are only 1 hour of work per week, and can include ordering food, organizing deliveries, keeping the space clean, etc. 

Brown Bag is perfect for Oberlin College students who have a busy schedule, want to cook independently, or are just living off-campus. Join today!