Brown Bag Co-op

Brown Bag Co-op (BBC) is an alternative to both the Oberlin College meal plan and the typical OSCA co-op experience. BBC functions as an on-campus co-op grocery store stocked with farm fresh food, and is run by membership! In BBC, we order produce from local vendors just like other co-ops, but unlike other co-op we do not cook meals:  once food is delivered members take it home to cook for themselves! 

No car? No problem! Food is delivered to a central location on campus. And the best part? It’s cheaper than the Oberlin College meal plan and requires only 1 hour of work per week or less. Labor can include ordering food, organizing deliveries, keeping the space clean, etc. But don’t worry – much of the work is volunteer based, as not all members will need to do weekly hours. Brown Bag is perfect for those who have a busy schedule and/or want to cook independently, and are living off campus. 

Join today! Sign up for the lottery – list ‘BBC’ as your number one choice.