Third World Social Justice Co-op

Third World Social Justice (TWSJ) co-op is an active housing program hall located on the third floor of Harkness. TWSJ members demonstrate personal interest in themes of social justice and race, and are required to participate and actively be involved in the space.

TWSJ seeks to promote a safer community for members of all backgrounds, especially for members of color. The co-op also supports the efforts of identity-based student and activist organizations within the Oberlin community. Co-op members are highly encouraged to regularly engage in organizational efforts through personal involvement and participation.

This housing option is cognizant of and values individuals who have engaged personally with and have been affected by current societal racial dynamics.

Members may choose to hold programs that educate others about topics related to social justice and race. However, this space does not exist for the purpose of educating other people about oppression.

Members of Third World Social Justice housing do not have to reapply each academic year in order to continue being in the housing co-op if they lived there during the previous semester. Membership expires after a member does not live in Third World Social Justice housing for a semester, and they must reapply to become a member if they wish to live in Third World Social Justice housing again.

TWSJ has a dining counterpart called Third World Co-op. TWC is on the first floor of Baldwin Cottage, and located just across the greenspace from TWSJ. Members who live in TWSJ also dine in TWC.

The TWSJ Mission

Third World Social Justice Co-op serves the following purposes:

Typical Double Room in TWSJ