Staff Application

OSCA Staff Application Information

Thank you for applying for an All-OSCA staff, committee coordinator, or General Management Team position! We appreciate your interest and wish you the best of luck in this process.

This is an information sheet about some of OSCA’s policies regarding All-OSCA positions. Read this and hang on to it when you’re done to use as a reference.

OSCA does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Applying for more than one position:

People applying for more than one All-OSCA position are asked to fill out a separate application for each position.

Read the job description:

Please read the appropriate job description(s) available on this website.


By applying for an all-OSCA position, you are committing to complete the job in its entirety. This means completing the entire term. You may not apply for a position if you knowingly anticipate being unable to complete the entire term (for reasons such as going abroad).

Getting into OSCA from the wait list:

All-OSCA staff and committee coordinators receive priority placement from the OSCA wait list into the dining co-op of their choice. This allows OSCA staff to become members of OSCA. (Note that only 7% of each co-op’s membership may be all-OSCA staff, so you may receive priority placement into your first choice co-op right away.)

General Management Team positions allow you to receive priority placement from the OSCA wait list into the living and/or dining coop of your choice.

No person may receive priority placement from the OSCA wait list into Third World Co-op. GMT, staff and committee coordinators who are interested in Third World Co-op must apply to be members of this co-op. Due to the nature of the safe space for people of color, minority, and low income students, the membership of Third World Co-op chooses its own membership. TWC applications are available online.

Work hours and co-op credit:

Because All OSCA staff, committee coordinators, and GMT often fulfill more than a regular amount of hours of work per week, they receive credit in their co-op. Most positions are full credit. This means all your co-op work credits are fulfilled by your OSCA position except one crew a week. Some positions are half credit which still require you to sign up for hours on your co-op’s workchart. Check the job description to see if you are applying for a full or half credit position. Time aid cannot be used for all OSCA credit hours. Time aid must be worked out with your individual co-op and the hours you would do there.


OSCA Officers and many all-OSCA staff receive a stipend based on the average number of hours required for the position.

Interview process:

You may be asked to sign up for an interview time. Interviews are open for any OSCA member but must have at least five (5) voting members. At least one of these members must be a member of the GMT. The person who currently holds the position, if possible, shall sit on an appointments committee. Any others required to sit on an appointments committee are detailed under the “Appointed by” section in the position’s job description. Although informal in dress and setting, interviews are expected to be conducted in a business-like fashion. Expect friendly, relaxed interviewers, but “real” questions.

Questions and concerns:

If you have further questions about OSCA selection procedure or appointments policy please contact the Personnel Committee at x58108. If you feel the appointments process, was in any way not followed appropriately, please also call the Personnel Committee at x58108.