Each year, OSCA conducts lotteries to determine who will become members of OSCA the subsequent Fall. In April, OSCA conducts an Upperclass Lottery for students returning to Oberlin in the Fall. Each June, OSCA conducts a similar lottery for students new to Oberlin. All participants in OSCA lotteries receive a randomly assigned lottery number to ensure that all applicants have an equal chance at becoming members of OSCA.

Incoming Obies

NEW STUDENT LOTTERY: Deadline was JUNE 20, 2022. Thank you for entering!

Every year, OSCA reserves 100 spaces for incoming First-Year and Transfer Students. Students new to Oberlin are encouraged to apply to OSCA's New Student Lottery.

After the New Student Lottery, students new to Oberlin who did not enter the lottery, or who did not receive their first-choice co-op placements, may still join OSCA by signing up on the current-year wait list.

No deposit is required of first-years joining OSCA.

We're excited to be a part of your first-year experience!

Current Obies


Current Oberlin students may become members of OSCA entering the Upperclass Lottery in the spring, listing all their co-op preferences (as well as checking off OSCA as a preference on the Residential Education housing and dining forms).

A deposit is required of students placed into OSCA during the Upperclass Lottery.

If you do not get into OSCA during the lottery, or decide to join OSCA later in the year, you join OSCA by signing up on the current-year wait list.