Pyle is Oberlin’s the oldest Co-op. With a membership of around 100, Pyle is also one of the largest co-ops on campus. Located in (but not affiliated with) Asia House, the high vaulted ceilings and long wooden tables of the dining space make Pyle remarkably resemble the Great Hall in Harry Potter. Before Stevenson opened, the space served as one of Oberlin's cafeterias, which makes Pyle one of the most functional co-ops in terms of cooking and serving food (with a working dumbwaiter!). When weather permits, Pyle members often enjoy the weather and choose to eat outside in the Asia House courtyard.

Pyle members represent a good cross section of Obies, including a larger number of athletes due to its location, and smaller number of required hours. Pyle provides meat more often than any other co-op (though of course has vegan and vegetarian options). Pyle is known for its legendary pizza nights, and relaxed food-policy. It is also known for fun traditions, such as pub-night, and singing members their song of choice on birthdays. There are many jobs to choose from, and many multiples to ensure enough of those highly demanded treats are made. Maintaining accountability and intimacy, Pyle offers a great place to eat, cook (or even learn how to), compost, and most importantly, meet new people. Pyle is an exceptional community, and like any other, it depends completely on those who choose it!

—Kaitlyn Gam, Charlie Thompson ‘19 and Maia Ross Turpin