Pyle Inn

Pyle Inn is a dining-only co-op located in the basement of Asia House. Pyle's high vaulted ceilings and long wooden tables lends a unique atmosphere to the dining space. And, before Stevenson dining hall opened Pyle served as a cafeteria, which makes it one of the most functional co-ops in terms of cooking and serving food (with a working dumbwaiter!). 

While the dining space can accommodate over 100 diners, Pyle usually serves around 50 members. Pyle occasionally cooks meat, but we always have vegan and vegetarian options at each meal. Pyle is not a dining hall, it is our dining home. From athletes to STEM students, our members are involved in all walks of campus life. 

Pyle is known for its fun traditions: legendary pizza nights, singing members their birthday song of choice, THE BOX (crushes? comments? conspiracies?), Iron Crew, board game and movie nights. 

Pyle offers a great place to eat, cook (or even learn how to), compost, and most importantly, meet new people. And, if cooking is not your passion, there are many jobs to choose from and plenty of other ways to contribute! 

Pyle is an exceptional community, and like any other, it depends completely on those who choose it! Join now!

Did you know...

Pyle Inn is the oldest co-op on the Oberlin College campus. Originally housed in its own building, Pyle is located in, but is not part of, Asia House. Pyle's members acknowledge that we occupy space in Asia House, which is an identity space for students who identify as Asian. To that end, we have policies which ask members of Pyle to respect Asia House as a safe space and to treat it as such; these policies are updated every semester.