About Us

What is OSCA?

OSCA stands for Oberlin Student Cooperative Association; we are a student-owned and operated nonprofit which is entirely separate from Oberlin College. We provide lower-cost dining and housing options to roughly a quarter of Oberlin College's student body. All OSCA members are Oberlin College students, and any Oberlin College or Conservatory student may choose to live and dine in OSCA. 

As an organization, OSCA unites six dining co-ops, three housing & dining co-ops, and one program hall. While individual co-ops are responsible for their own daily functions, our "All-OSCA" general management team of Staff and Employees oversee daily operation of the organization; this structure has allowed OSCA co-ops to function in unity for more than 70 years.

OSCAns walking in the Big Parade to celebrate 60 years of co-ops.

OSCA celebrates its 60th anniversary in the Big Parade.

How do co-ops work?

Each week, OSCA members contribute a certain number of work hours to their respective co-ops. Co-op members are in charge of almost every task, including food purchases, cooking, cleaning, inspection, food safety, and work charts. Additionally, some co-op members sit on the General Management Team, OSCA's Board of Directors or one of its committees, and much more. 

Give OSCA a try!

To make it easy to join OSCA for students new to Oberlin, we reserve a number of rooms each year for First Years and new Transfer Students. Students new to Oberlin generally join OSCA housing co-ops during the New Student Summer Lottery. 

And during Winter Term, many students give OSCA dining a try, regardless of their Fall Semester meal plan status. It is a convenient time to find out why co-op dining is all the rave!

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Did you know...

OSCA has a sister organization, the OSCA Foundation, which provides scholarships to Oberlin College students, Lorain County Community College students, and City of Oberlin community members. All members of OSCA are also members of the OSCA Foundation!