Tank Hall

Widely considered one of the most beautiful buildings on campus, complete with a tourret, wrap around porch and spacious lawn, Tank is a ten-minute walk from campus and a five-minute walk from downtown. A former orphanage, Tank has the widest variety of rooms in OSCA, including a large number of singles. 

Tank’s location, slightly east of campus, makes for members who are truly dedicated to their community. The beautiful building and spacious rooms make it one of the most sought-after co-op to join. Because Tank is a fairly small housing co-op, members develop a strong connection, and parties are not uncommon. Tank is a great co-op for people who appreciate living in a historic setting and appreciate their personal space and independence.

Tank houses over 40 students with approximately 35 dining-only members. 

While the kitchen is equipped to prepare meat, vegetarian food often provides the base of Tank’s cuisine. However, Tank is known to serve meat more often than other co-ops. Tank is known for its exceptional food, and exceedingly creative special meals and pizza nights.

Between the small dining space, multiple common rooms and front porch, it can be difficult to gather the entire co-op for discussions, but this does not deter a strong sense of community. Many members spend time eating outside on the porch on sunny days.

Typical Double Room in Tank

Typical Single Room in Tank

Many of Tank's rooms have unique shapes and layouts, including two rooms with turrets!