Special Interest Applications

Some OSCA co-ops require an application to join, in addition to entering an OSCA Lottery or signing up on the Wait List. 

Students who wish to join Third World Social Justice (TWSJ) co-op for housing and/or Third World Co-op (TWC) for dining are encouraged to submit an application below. Applications will be reviewed by the relevant co-op Selection Committee, and applicants will be informed when a decision has been reached. Please note that, as TWSJ housing members also dine in TWC, only the TWSJ program hall application is required for housing & dining membership. Links to the necessary applications can be found below.

Students who wish to dine in a co-op during Winter Term have the option of joining a regular OSCA co-op, or creating a special-interest co-op for Winter Term only. In the past, OSCA has had Winter Term co-ops for lovers of cats and fans of Star Wars. All Winter Term special interest co-ops must have a committed group of 20 diners. Ideas for a special interest co-op, and your list of committed diners may be emailed to office@osca.coop. A timeline for Winter Term special interest co-ops is printed in the Board packet each Fall.


Former members of TWC or TWSJ do not need to reapply to dine in TWC.

Third World Co-op is a co-op which serves as a dining safe-space for students who have been traditionally and structurally disenfranchised. TWC provides a forum which encourages activism and political discussions, and fosters a strong community which promotes coalition-building through dialogue among people of different racial, cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds.


Housing members from the semester immediately prior do not need to reapply to reside in TWSJ.

Third World Social Justice Co-op, located on the third floor of Harkness Hall, is a program hall whose members demonstrate interest in themes of social justice and race, with the goal of fostering racial unity, social justice and equity while working to address and counteract racism. Housing members are required to participate and be actively involved in the space. TWSJ members dine in TWC.